Category: Development

Code is at the heart of computing: developers create programs that make it possible to communicate from a language abstraction to low-level machine language. Here are some articles that go into trends about such development.

Will Operating Systems Finally Become Irrelevant?

Web apps never arrived as a true replacement for native apps, despite many efforts to push web during the 2010s. Today, more and more companies are emphasizing their web applications over native apps, while advanced feature-rich web-apps (PWAs) that better tie into its underlying system – regardless of the OS – are slowly rolling out to users.

Landmark US Decision To Impact Tech Worldwide

The United States Supreme Court will decide on the question of whether fair use applies to copyrighted code, as the long-running case of Google v. Oracle reaches its climax before the country’s highest court. The decision has an impact on how and when APIs can be used, and when code is allowed to be repurposed, which has significant ramifications for development worldwide.