Monthly Archive: May 2020

How Far Off Is Quantum Computing Really?

Quantum computing might be closer than you think. The 2020s could very well become the decade when quantum computing goes from lab environments to usage in specialized infrastructures.

Infrastructure Needs To Be Invisible – Even To IT

The days where admins would spend their time configuring networks and provision servers are almost at an end, as many admins can tell you. This effort is more and more handed-off to cloud platforms. This trend is preceding a fundamental shift in the way IT functions.

Voice Assistants Are Changing Content And SEO

Speech is rapidly becoming the new UI. Instead of clicking and typing, we’re slowly starting to talk more to devices. The way we search will change dramatically. And with it the way we present content and how we perform SEO.

Roots: How Computers Lost Their Jobs

For centuries, assistants to mathematicians performed some of the grunt work of the calculations required for their work. This work became obsolete when digital computers replaced their jobs in the mid-twentieth century. But because of their math skills, human computers often turned into the first programmers.